Projects Gallery

Projects Gallery

The sample pictures in this gallery demonstrate the varied and complex systems that we have become involved with over the years. We provide a lot of research and development-based work for our clients and continue to work with them from first concept, through to production. We also provide more conventional control panels and systems for example on pumps and motor control. We can provide bespoke solutions or full-fill orders for multiple matching units and we are happy to travel to site to perform installation tasks if required.

We are confident that we can assist you with your project and would invite you to contact us either by phone or via the form found on the contact us page.

Spirax Sarco – Maintenance, Control Panels, Installation

We have been working with Spirax Sarco for several years now. Most of what we do is research and development based however in recent years we have become more involved within the manufacturing side of the business. Some example projects are shown below.

Plasterboard Recycling Solutions – Maintenance, installation, Breakdowns

We are now in our fourth year supporting their facilities across the UK. Our relationship began with a breakdown on their first processing plant which we rectified speedily and at minimal cost. Over time we took over the full maintenance and servicing of all 3 of their facilities. All 3 of which we have electrically designed and installed through various upgrades. Through a custom designed rigorous preventative maintenance regime, we have gradually recued the callouts and breakdowns from 3 a week when we first started to on average one a month across all sites.

Australian War Memorial – Maintenance, Control Panels, Installation

We have been maintaining the electrical systems on the Australian War Memorial at Hyde park corner in London for approx. 3 years now. The original system was 13 years old and required a complete upgrade. In 2018 we designed a new control panel, with additional protections based on site specific problems. The result is a new PLC controlled, state of the art control system, giving the client full control over the water pressure and sequencing of the feature. We worked to a deadline and completed early. The feature has operated without fault since.

Taggs Island – Maintenance, Control Panel, Installation

Taggs Island is a small island of boat houses on the river Thames in London. Because the island is located on the Thames, they have an unusual sewage system. I have been maintaining the various panels and was commissioned in August 2019 to replace the vacuum control panel as the original was approx. 12 years old and was becoming less reliable. The new control panel had temperature and pressure monitoring which provided the client with extra piece of mind over the original system which failed to operate in this way. Work was completed in October 2019.

Bedford Hospital – Control panel, Installation

We were approached by Bedford Hospital in July 2019 after finding our website. They required a new control panel to interpret the signals from their existing BMS and output to the correct pumps to operate the various heating systems within the building. The original control panels were circa 1970 and no drawings existed. We offered a simple and cost effective resolution and the work was commissioned in September 2019. Work began at the end of October 2019 and the project was completed in November 2019. We systematically planned the installation and liaised with the hospital contacts daily and the result was zero interruption in any services.